What we are using 2013-2014

We are using:
Sonlight Core B-Five day, no language arts because we got it off ebay to try it out, and it was actually a four day I had to buy the extra books for.

Story of the world ancient times/ Plus the activity guide and student worksheets

Geography (I'll need to list the book when its light out)

Horizons Math 1 Grade

Exploring Creation With Astronomy/Junior Notebooking journal.

Bob Books Sets 1-3 plus the new sight word set.

We are also doing pathways readers and their accompanying workbooks. Learning through sounds, before we read and first steps.

Climbing to good English

I think that I might switch that out next year, they are amish based which I love but speak more to a classroom setting and it's hard to apply the same thing when you have a one student homeschool.
I'm thinking we might switch to either the language arts put out by peach hill press or the all about reading program which I'm not sure if they have a Language arts english plan that goes with it or not.

We also do Horizons health which I wish that I hadn't bought. It is also for a classroom setting, and requires puppets (but it doesn't come with it, and I can't find a source to buy them.)

D'Nealian handwriting, which I really wanted her to use because it's what I learned as a child but she hates it and fusses. 

So we are switching to handwriting without tears. (which she had when she was doing K12) which is ugly but she says it's easier for her to write.  

We are doing artistic pursuits for art, which I'm still on the fence about.

For PE she mostly does free play. (though lately she's been roller skating)

What we are using for 2014

We will be using Core C actually bought from sonlight, because I was frustrated that I didn't get everything that I needed when I bought from ebay, so even though it will cost more money, I'm just going straight to the source from now on.

We will also be changing our language arts program, we are doing second grade language arts with core c, and also I picked up a remedial reader program from them that is supposed to help with issues like my daughter is having.

We will continue doing SOTW from Peace hill press, because it's so in depth and she is also getting her history from sonlight. (plus it will also make it easier for me and less stress to stretch the program a little.)

We will also be doing core c science and exploring creation with astronomy for the same reason I want to stretch the lessons out and spend more time on the subject, while she is still getting a basic science with the core, also the core is planned out so that science is a little every day instead of one big day twice a week. (which I kind of like the idea of)

We will be doing Artistic pursuits until that book is done and then evaluate whether or not its worth the money to keep buying an art program.  

Horizons Grade 2 math

Handwriting without tears Grade 2

A little lighter load than normal, but I'm hoping we can get two courses done this year, so that she will get caught up to where she is supposed to be grade lvl wise, since she had the issue learning to read we are a little behind, and while she's reading now, its not at a level that I'm happy with.

We are year round schooling six days a week, because mommy has a chronic illness, and we need wiggle room.

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