Saturday, October 31, 2009

T-8hrs and counting

We are all most there hold on to your shorts, a few more hours and those itchy fingers will be satisfied with many many words flowing from the tips. at least that's the goal, there will be no blank pages in my neck of the woods. anyway hope you all enjoy your kick off partys and have a very berry good night.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

War With Ridgecrest

We have a Nano word war, :) we of Moses Lake will win of course even if i have to write all night more than once.
have a wonderful writing day

Friday, October 23, 2009

Business Cards In 2007 Office: Additions to site

Ok first off this is really confusing for those of us who are used to the old Word works task launcher, the reason for this is because you expect the templates to just be there and not already filled out with other peoples work.
So, after two days I finally found where they were hiding the little template for doing business cards.
Open a blank Doc. Go into Mailings-Labels- Options-Avery US Letter-8371
I also made a logo as you can see above in the title bar, still working out the bugs please bear with me.
Promoting yourself can be tiring, but satisfying.
I have also posted a list of works in progress on the bar to the right. I am hoping to get small jacket copy written up, so that you will know what they are all about, but probably not until after November because of nano.
I have a few books that I haven’t gotten up there yet, but I will get them up in the near future. I am also planning on posting my work schedule up after November and figuring out what I want to work on after that.
I hope you all are doing well and that your work is flowing
Have a good night and take care

Sunday, October 18, 2009

comments on Write or Die, and a nano shout out.

Ok, so this is the coolest thing ever. I went to the site write or die:
Dr.Wicked’s Writing Lab. It is a fun writing aid, to quickly get your word count for the day. I typed in how many words I wanted to write, 1,667. How long I wanted to take, 1 hour 30 minutes. I wanted to test the system and see what it did.
When you finish your word count before your time, you get this cool musical chime. However, you can still write more, if you want to see how much you would have accomplished in the time allotted. Since I chose 1,667 in 1 hour 30 min’s and finished in 30 min’s. I found this cool, because I didn’t know I could write that fast. This is a really good tool for those of us who nano, or at least try to nano.
Which I should remind everyone is coming up lickity split, and we only have a few more weeks until the November craziness is upon us good luck to all you out there in nano land. Anyhow, hope you all have a good day and take care.

Dr. wicked's write or die