Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Writing in the Void D:21

Day 21... Well Sort Of

I've spent many nights the last few months wallowing in sleep deprived self pity... well for the most part.
 I've also written the better part of 100k novel in November. Though I didn't document those achievements here, like I should have been.
 They finally gave me a diagnoses, and I'm trying to deal with it, and figure out what that means for my future.  It means I have to take pills... like clockwork. (which I forget to take on time.) It means I'm supposed to go to bed by 8:30 (which kills my me time.)
It means I'm not allowed to be stressed out or be in stressful situations. (Hey, just living life is stressful.) 
It also means I'm very confused with all the things required of me to do and to have done. I'm figuring it out. I decided last night to actually go to bed when I'm supposed to and stay in bed until I was supposed to get up and you know today I feel great not a crash symptom in sight. Maybe I really should listen. 

Back To Day 21

I'm just going to start back where I left off. I'll try really hard to behave myself this time. I need to get a few books knocked out pretty quick, got a deadline I'm trying to beat now. (but no stress)
I also have to homeschool and be accountable for that... (Yeah No Stress....)
I'm going to RadCon Feb 14-16 I have a sighing on the 15th pretty nerious about that.  It'll be my first one. 
It'll also be my first time at RadCon as a pro. (should be cool.)
So writing goals for the rest of this month are as follows. 

1. Knock out the last half of my November novel, (Invisible Magic) 10 days
2. Knock out the last have of Ravaged Shadow (Dragon Shadows Book One) 6-10 days
3. Re-Outline Shifting Shadows (Dragons Shadows Book Two) 2-3 days depending on time.

Beta Reading Schedule.

1. A Military Sci-Fi about aliens who've come to steal half our ocean.
2. A Sci-Fi adventure having to do with a treasure and a black hole. 
3. A Paranormal Romance/Urban fantasy about past lives and demons
and possibly a short story (not sure yet) and a middle grade. (also not sure yet.)

On the shelves.
I picked up a little book at the dollar store by Susan Sizemore.
I don't know what she writes but it looks interesting. I don't even know if it's in a series or not... but I suspect it might be. 

I am also plotting two novels or at least writing down the sketch of a plot. I had some pretty awesome inspiration the other night and think it would make a good book though not sure how I'm going to pull of the technical details of said book. :)

Well I'm done for now. Thanks for bearing with me.