Saturday, October 12, 2013

Writing in the Void D:12

Hey guys,
I'm writing this a little earlier in the day then I normally do.  I got a good amount of words done lastnight but haven't gotten anything today. I've been emotionlly on a rollar coster. first off I stayed up to four in the morning... eek. I was having a very good conversation with my writer chums, and didn't want to go to bed.


okay supersonic squeez aside it's a big deal for me.
I likely will have to update about my actual writing accomplishments tomorrow because I'm at a retreat and I don't know if I'm going to be getting on all day and posting... though I could do a live action type word count day. That might be fun.
So Goal:
Write the next two scenes in my book. I don't know what the word count will end up being but they are pretty big scenes.

Deal with my emotions without pretending they don't exist. Decide to stay committed to my path. So just saying. I put my radcon intention on my vision board Wednesday or Thursday and in that time I have gotten two different invites to participate. Kind of cool. A vision board is a statement of intent. Which causes you to take steps to fulfill that intention. Whether you  are aware of them or not. I believe it helps you to make your goals a reality. Because you are willing to take the steps necessary to take that action. if you have to wake up earlier to get that seventh book done in a year you might be more willing to if you can see the path that it will lead you to. People are visual. and sometimes seeing an image helps more then just writing things down. I think that both are necessary to set the intention so that you are willing to make change. so you are willing to live a conscious life.