Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Wanted Manga Review

Wanted by Matsuri Hino
I really love this little book. I will need to research and find out if she did get her second volume, as of the moment though I think it's a stand alone.
It's about a young girl with the voice of an angel. Who loved a aristocratic boy, who was kidnapped by pirates, (think princess bride) who then goes in search of him. What she finds when she finally meets him again isn't what she expected.
It has serious potential for a second volume.  I liked the well thought out plots of the short stories in the volume. I might like to see a whole arc in one volume, but for what it is it's okay.
I liked how she didn't reintroduce the characters constantly. I like this author and I think I'll go looking for more of her stuff.
I might buy Wanted for my collection to read again. (Library book)
4 out of 5 stars

Flower Storm Volumes 1-2 Review

Flower Storm Volume 1
Typical over bearing rich guy who doesn't take no for an answer, and while I didn't like a lot of things about this Manga, I think it would make an amazing K-Drama.
The one thing that I didn't like the most was how often you were reintroduced to the character.
I get that they are vignettes that are probably originally in some kind of manga magazine. However when read in one volume it's a little heavy handed.
The basic plot is middle class girl, has super strength. Freaked out boy she had a crush on, was emotionally scared. Doesn't want to trust that he's not going to freak over how strong she is. Comes to realize she loves his annoying antics, even while they drive her mad. I think it could have developed into a stronger series if the author had taken some time to delve deeper into their emotions and hearts. the plot was thin at best and that coupled with repetition made me want to put the book down, but as it only took about thirty minutes to read I went ahead and finished it off.
2 out of 5 stars

Flower Storm Volume 2
Surprisingly the second volume was much better. She's dealing with the differences in their social classes, and he's fighting off potential marriage suitors that are over bearing. Foe's from the first book become allies, and you're never quite clear what's really going on, and who is orchestrating what. Which was a real disappointment to me. I really like to have answers when I'm reading stuff. I don't like it when the author drops clues for you to hold in your mind then does nothing with them.
I like how it ended. However like I said, the author could have done more with this series, but really stayed on the surface.
3 out of 5 stars.

ST. Dragon Girl volume 1 Review

ST. Dragon Girl, by Natsumi Matsumoto. A Shojo Beat Manga. I liked it. I don't know that I'll read any more of the series, because I didn't like it well enough to hunt it down.  It's done in the style of several short story arcs within one volume. Momoka Sendou is a charming fighting type, who  solves everything by shoving her fist in your face. Her "Boyfriend" Ryuga seems the typical type for this style as well. He gets in her way, and protects her, by binding her, so only he can unlock the powers she "accidentally" acquired. I'd keep reading the series if someone handed it to me, but it doesn't call out as a must go get the next book now frothing at the mouth that drives my entertainment life.
I did like how this one didn't really reintroduce the characters in an obnoxious way in every new short within the book. That said, I wish that the events had taken longer and been more in-depth it was like skimming the surface of potential, and getting instead unfulfilled candy pop.
out of five starts I'd give it a three

Maria Holic Anime Review

I'm not going to tell you not to watch it, but it was a waste of several hours of my day. I've got some medical tests coming up, so I went to the library to get stay up all night fodder.  This Anime had the thinnest thread of plot imaginable. There were several things that could have made it better.
1. cut down on the over the top nose bleeding it was more then annoying.
2. actually following through on plot threads.
3. actually having a romance you could follow other then the boy who dresses as a girl who you get the feeling actually likes her and is just tormenting her.
4. Having her less confused as to weather she really likes him or not. (she's supposed to be into girls) but the only thing I can really see is that the writers are going to set her up with the boy that lives in her room. I watched half of the second season before I gave up. It really was just annoying and the only reason I kept watching was to find out what the crosses were all about and how she was truly tied with the boy.
None of which were answered in the first season, and the second season didn't show any promise of actually progressing.
So I dumped it. I like things that make me think this however did not.