Friday, October 11, 2013

Writing in the Void D:11

I'm so excited and happy, It's retreat day. :) I've been uber busy today. I had to pack, get the kido settled. do some shopping and show up at the meeting place to convoy out to the retreat so I wouldn't get lost not that I really get lost but sometimes. I don't want to worry or have the stress of trying to figure out a new place.  I got about 1k done today on the wip. Not a great number, but I moved through two difficult scenes, only problem is I now have to figure out how to adjust the outline, to include the new plot developments. It's important to do so I've learned because your outline is like your road map. I'm a pantser forcing myself to outline... probably why life is a little difficult these days, but things are getting better because, I let my pantser self out in the prewriting. I define pantser as someone who has no clue where the book is going to end up, and has no idea what the ending is when they sit down to try to write. Which is often the case, half the time I'm working off of a prompt, and it's not like prompts are endings. They are beginnings and you have to work out the plot as you go.

I normally write until I run out of steam, and then plot the story out, and ask myself all the questions I should have asked before I started writing in the first place, would have saved a lot of time.

Enough. :) goals

Work at least four hours on the book, take a break and work some more. Then teach my class.

try not to be to nervous.