Thursday, November 14, 2013

Writing in the Void D:20

Yes I know I've been absent for the better part of a month.
Not because I haven't been writing, but because I've been manning and maintaining crazy on Facebook and other sites to whip the lovelies in my region to a frenzy so that they will hopefully write their fifty k goal this month. In the days before the start of NaNoWriMo I was editing, and didn't have to extra energy to write, even a blog post. I at the beginning of the month had a biopsy that was more painful than I thought it would be. Since then I've been writing to catch up and get ahead. I would have finished early but then I got depressed again so I don't know what's in store for my words or word count. I'm trying my best every day to motivate the group. But I myself haven't had much motivation. I'm in constant pain and I hope that as this lessons I might get the ambition again.
Other then that my story is going well. The character is a typical teen who talks way too much in her head about the weird stuff that comes to a teenager.  I'm hoping to get it done soon but I'm only 30k into it and realizing that this short story turned 24 book arc also has an annoying feature of being a long book that is supposed to be a short one. We will see what happens. I will keep you updated.  I'm going to try and get back into the updating every day like I'm supposed to be. I guess the process will be a little longer then the challenge had originally been intend.
Thank you for listening. I have another topic to write about probably tomorrow I'm going to draft it up. Tonight I'm going to cuddle with my kid she misses me.

Goals for tomorrow start writing again and stay off the computer it's eating up my day.
I want to get this one finished and then work on another book.
I'm tired of my life taking a back seat to my emotions,
and I think that not keeping up on my blog is a part of that.
Thanks for listening

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Writing in the Void D:19

Man the day just got sucked away. I didn't get the 17k done, but I'm writing this early so there is hope, still. I did get the 1500 done on Ravaged.

Not much of an update today I'm wiped and not feeling so good I've been staying up til four all week think it's finally catching up with me. I'm probably going to go to bed early tonight and try and get up early to do that thing for my friend before he wakes up tomorrow.

It's going to talk me a minimum of three hours and I'm probably to tired to do it right tonight. plus I don't want to come off like a bitch in my comments. Sometimes I'm too blunt.

Goals for tomorrow.  17k for sure
then read the rest of it and be done by monday night.

Work on Ravaged goal 1500 or until scene is done.
Work on School with my daughter.
Clean bedroom
and Write blog.
(if time work on outline for second book in series, and come up with a title.) I'm going to need two books for NaNoWriMo this year. :) My writing schedule has me finishing around the 12th. I'm going to write a short on the 13th, and on the 14th start the new book, so I need an outline. I refuse to pants anymore. It's to hard to fix the books later and I hate big fixing jobs. I would rather just write them right the first time edit them for content and then get them out the door. I hate having to do gigantic structure edits. It's a pain in the behind, and I refuse to do it any-longer. The last week of NaNoWriMo, I'm going to read Ravaged, apply the edits and then read it again and apply those edits then send it off for the first round of betas.
Should be fun.

I plan on trying to maintain my writing schedule after nano this year, so I can keep the habit. :)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Writing in the Void D:18

I got the beta questions worked out now I can get into it, and make the correct changes instead of just being annoying to my friend.
Unfortunately I had so much going on that I didn't get much done on it.

I did write some on something, but can't quite remember what it was, today is kind of fuzzy.

I wasn't feeling so good since I'd eaten at a new restaurant and the food didn't agree with me.
So I went to sleep most of the day.
Really messed with my beta and the stuff I wanted to get done.

I got the whole rough schedule locked in for the next few months if everything goes as planned I should have several books out next year.
That would be awesome.

Goals for tomorrow.
Dusty's 17k section
Ravaged 1500
Write blog

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Writing in the Void D:17

I'm Beta reading the book, it is good, but has the rough patches that every first book has. Or at least my first book had them so I understand them. :) I'm enjoying reading it.

So I spent the evening out at my besties watching it and letting our kids have a play date. Which was way fun even if trying to keep a gaggle quite is a bit of a chore. Especially when you are trying to watch a show where the sound quality is low when they talk and the music is way too loud.

I've been sucked into the world of Once Upon a time In Wonderland.
Lets just say the knave is my fav character. I'm waiting to see how the story plays out. You get the feeling that the man Alice loves isn't really in love with her and with the longing looks behind her back you get an idea of who really does love her. It's interesting if the cg is goofy I think its intentional. The acting on some of the other actors parts is a touch disturbing and I hope that we get to find out the true meaning behind all the mysteries before they cancel the show. you know how spin offs don't always last.

I read the whole 17000 word section for one of the character arc's when I got home but wasn't smart enough to mark it up so I have to do it again. not that I mind it was kind of good to read it through once. Because I have a better Idea about how to help.

Goals for tomorrow.
Work on beta
Have writing Group
Setup schedule

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Writing in the Void D: 16

Apparently I'm the devil, or so my friend told me numerous times today. Last night and yesterday I'd tried hard to come up with a short story, so that I could do the J.A. Konrath contest. All that my poor brain did was make novels. I have three new plot arcs for novels... Don't I have enough books crawling around in my head already. :)

So I asked my friend to teach me how to make a short story. She writes them all the time so I thought that she was the go to person to ask. :) She gave me shit. She likes doing that and I find it funny so I don't mind, then we signed off and went to bed neither of us knowing what was in store for today. apparently last night her brain concocted the antidote to my question. and This evening I put it to use. She helped me write the outline for a short story and told me the bloody rules to the things.  you need a theme and a purpose as to why you are writing it. You know commentary on life or issues or whatever instead of just writing a story for the sake of story.

So I got the first page written, bout 250 or so words we'll see how it goes.

Goals for tomorrow. Beta Dusty
Work on outline

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Writing in the Void D:15

Today was a good day :)
although I didn't finish the competition. I did come up with a story a book cover and am on my way to the next scene. I'm over 2000 words into the story not counting the 1300 in notes I wrote yesterday. So unfortunately it won't be a 8hr story. :( but fortunately it is a story just longer than I knew it would be. because well. I don't write short even when I try the worlds take over and people have lives. Here is the cover image. I'm thrilled that I finally found something to use. I hope it will fit the story and that it comes a crossed as YA. (young adult.) I've never written in this genre but the story fits there.  although the characters are older and they will be growing up in the books. (yes I know I was supposed to be writing a short story....) There might even be a romance eventually. :) but not right now, right now they are filled with growing up, anger, rebellion and fear.

I don't know. What do you guys think? Love it? Hate it. I would love to hear your opinions.

Goals for tomorrow. Write on both wips. I'm trying to get this one done before NaNoWriMo. I think I might have to do Part of Ravaged during NaNoWriMo. Or try and fit in another NaNoWee (doing a novel in a weekend.) its more like a novella. Though since the word counts top between 17- 35k. I find I just can't seem to get the counts I used to do. I don't know if it's physical or emotional. It's hard for me to work for more than a few hours on my project at a time.

Hope you all have a good night.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Writing in the Void D:14

Well I got some not so good news today. The doctor thinks my condition is more serious than he thought, and he's having a specialist look at my exam images. Despite that I got some writing done today.
I've also decided on another challenge to work on for the next few days. I want to take up the J.A. Konrath challenge and write and publish a short story in 8 hr's I'm probably going to try and write it in five or less and give it to my friend to beta and punctuate.(edit.) make a cover while its off doing that and then pop it up online. the only thing I'm not sure about is whether to put it up under my name or a pseudonym. don't' know Have to think about it. Whatever I decide I'll let you know. :)

Goals for tomorrow. Do the eight hour challenge. Spend time with my kid. and clean off our school desk so we can get back to doing the most important thing in my life.


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Writing in the Void D:13

Hey Guys,
I wrote about 500 words yesterday night but I was really worn out for the adventure into the noveling retreat world. Next time I'm going to have to manage my energy better. I really pushed it and as a result didn't get as much done this weekend as I'd hoped. I packed up and went home. Helped one of my friends by printing off his Wip so he can edit it. But mostly just spent some time with my family since I hadn't seen them all weekend.
Goals for tomorrow.
Write on the wip.
and get my head on straight.


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Writing in the Void D:12

Hey guys,
I'm writing this a little earlier in the day then I normally do.  I got a good amount of words done lastnight but haven't gotten anything today. I've been emotionlly on a rollar coster. first off I stayed up to four in the morning... eek. I was having a very good conversation with my writer chums, and didn't want to go to bed.


okay supersonic squeez aside it's a big deal for me.
I likely will have to update about my actual writing accomplishments tomorrow because I'm at a retreat and I don't know if I'm going to be getting on all day and posting... though I could do a live action type word count day. That might be fun.
So Goal:
Write the next two scenes in my book. I don't know what the word count will end up being but they are pretty big scenes.

Deal with my emotions without pretending they don't exist. Decide to stay committed to my path. So just saying. I put my radcon intention on my vision board Wednesday or Thursday and in that time I have gotten two different invites to participate. Kind of cool. A vision board is a statement of intent. Which causes you to take steps to fulfill that intention. Whether you  are aware of them or not. I believe it helps you to make your goals a reality. Because you are willing to take the steps necessary to take that action. if you have to wake up earlier to get that seventh book done in a year you might be more willing to if you can see the path that it will lead you to. People are visual. and sometimes seeing an image helps more then just writing things down. I think that both are necessary to set the intention so that you are willing to make change. so you are willing to live a conscious life.


Friday, October 11, 2013

Writing in the Void D:11

I'm so excited and happy, It's retreat day. :) I've been uber busy today. I had to pack, get the kido settled. do some shopping and show up at the meeting place to convoy out to the retreat so I wouldn't get lost not that I really get lost but sometimes. I don't want to worry or have the stress of trying to figure out a new place.  I got about 1k done today on the wip. Not a great number, but I moved through two difficult scenes, only problem is I now have to figure out how to adjust the outline, to include the new plot developments. It's important to do so I've learned because your outline is like your road map. I'm a pantser forcing myself to outline... probably why life is a little difficult these days, but things are getting better because, I let my pantser self out in the prewriting. I define pantser as someone who has no clue where the book is going to end up, and has no idea what the ending is when they sit down to try to write. Which is often the case, half the time I'm working off of a prompt, and it's not like prompts are endings. They are beginnings and you have to work out the plot as you go.

I normally write until I run out of steam, and then plot the story out, and ask myself all the questions I should have asked before I started writing in the first place, would have saved a lot of time.

Enough. :) goals

Work at least four hours on the book, take a break and work some more. Then teach my class.

try not to be to nervous.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Writing in the Void D:10

I am happy to say I got everything done that was on my to-do list.
I got my vision board done, I got all the prep work for my vision board done. I started writing on my wip and did about 2000 words. Getting out of the section I was a bit stuck on.

I don't have much to report for today. I think that I've been working really hard doing stuff the last few days and don't quite feel up to the blog today, but I  know that I made myself a commitment to be accountable by writing here every day. I'm sorry if not every day is really exciting.
hope for better longer post tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Writing in the Void D:9

So I finished my Visioning your writing life day four :) I found somethings very interesting.  Lot's more interesting then I'd thought before I had to prep for it. It was weird the words just flowed like they couldn't wait to be said.
I am suddenly working on a spy thriller... but I wrote out the plot and am letting it perk... it was for that class that I started taking on suspense.  Then decided I didn't have time for. But got a kicker story out of it that I'm letting percolate. Got everything done and printed for nano. awesome sauce. OH yeah, forgot I get to have a dealer room at Rad Con Woot! :)

Goals for day 10:
Get vision board made
work on my copy for the back of the book.
work on the book more.

Hope you all are having a good one.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Writing in the Void D:8

I wrote a short scene for Suspense building over at the free online writing conference muse it up.I didn't get anything corrected in text, so I don't know if that's a good thing, or bad thing for the day one exercise. I'm sure it'll get ripped apart tomorrow. :) but she did say I had both elements that I was going for in it so that was cool. Though I'm supposed to slow it down, so that's pretty good crit.
 I've been getting into trance writing again :) soo soo soo happy. Nothing like being so into your story you're making automatic responses at people, but don't have any clue what you just agreed to. :) such a wonderful thing.
I got the folders in the mail today and put together the packets now all I need to do is print the stuffers and stuff.  So I still have my visioning your writing life day three to finish and I need to do some housework but I'm having fun at the conference, and one of my friends just came over we might get up to something writerly in the next few hours.

1.Vision my writing Life Day 3
2.Work on exercise two in the suspense class
3.Crack the wip, on note cards. (seems to be tricking my poor old mind.)
if I get to anything else it will be a bonus.


Monday, October 7, 2013

Writing in the Void D:7

Well, I got the Vision your writing life day two done. I also completely finished my Speech for the retreat.  I don't have so much of an update today.  Just got stuff done. didn't crack my Wip :( but I checked off everything else on the list. I'm working on checking out a convention but I didn't get to participate today I was way to busy, I don't even remember what I did most of the day other then I changed my banner on my website. Got my new cover art made up.

Goals tomorrow:

Work On Visioning your writing life day three,
work on blog, work on the conference. I actually really want to give it a good go of attending this year.
See you on the flip side

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Writing in the Void D:6

Man I had a good day. I got a lot written on my Vision Board class like six pages. :) Went over to my BFF's house for her son's birthday, had a blast, watched Once, and a good/bad movie. The movie was visually stunning but the plot and story-line fell flat. The only thing we can think of is that it's a book and the filmmakers F* it up like they tend to.

Other then that we had a stitch and bitch found, out that I messed up the lace on my project, so I'm going to have to frog, sadness. But we know where I messed it up, so we should be able to fix it. I might have to see if there is a tut anywhere on that particular section, or find out if youtube has a video that explains how to do what they want me to do in the project.

Over all for a Sunday I got a lot done. I'm going to have to find my medicine because I can't find my bottle of pills for my next dose. I only have to take them once a week but I'm concerned. I hope I didn't leave it somewhere.  Goals for tomorrow. Do day 2 of the vision board. Figure out how many, of each, of what, I'm going to have to print off for the folders, for NaNoWriMo stuffers.  I'm starting to get excited about it which is something that I haven't been for the last few years. I'm feeling a touch of stress, but if we pull off what we've planned we should have an epic year. I need to create a folder and put all the files into it for the paperwork.

I'm going to open my Wip, but I don't know if I'll find anything to say on it. I have found a new trick with note cards, I might try, seems if I have a small space to write in, I write more than I think I'm going to, because it's not overwhelming. I'm dealing with a lot of anxiety at the moment not sure if it's linked to the deficiency, or not. In any case. Thats the plan for tomorrow.

Thanks for listening

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Writing in the Void D:5

Well as you know bob... I wrote a little on my speech for the retreat. I also went to a bday party for a no fiction today. I'm just... very tired. I'll probably write a little by hand later tonight before bed. But other than Group broadcasts telling them what the schedule was going to be for the coming months, I didn't do much. My printer is out of toner which is screwing with my mojo. I normally print off what I'm working on and then write the next section by hand and so on because I think better that way but it should be coming in the mail soon.
We also start back to school Monday, so I need to get in gear and gather all the lesson plans for next week tomorrow night.
Not much of an update but at least I'm writing even if it's non fiction and only a few hundred words I think I wrote almost a grand today which isn't to bad.
Anyhow just thought I should check in before I feel asleep and didn't do it today.


Friday, October 4, 2013

Writing in the Void D:4

Well that was a long one. I'm finally finished with the plot explanation handout. Ended up having two doctors app. today sigh. I also wrote up the t-shirt contest. I got the flyers printed off and all my running around done. I totally rocked the on the ball stuff today, but I was gone all day. :( We also set up the Moses Nano facebook page. Well my co-ml did, I just asked him kindly and batted my eyes... lol not. Organized the babysitting calendar for this month and next, because of nano, I'm not going to be home as much as I normally am.

Writing goals for tomorrow start my Visioning your writing life. I need to do the four days and the vision board so I can teach it to my writing group at our retreat this next weekend you have to work on it for four consecutive days.
I also opened my WIP but I only wrote one sentence. I wrote more than two thousand words to day on non-fiction stuff. At least I have a whole writing weekend coming up, I hope I can get lots done. Maybe bring my chart and do a NaNo WEE... which in case you didn't know what that is it is. Writing a novel in a weekend. The typical word count actually  places the stories at novella length ( roughly 15-30k) but long sprint writers that can do ten to fifteen thousand words a day might do more than that.  I have roughly 30 k left on ravaged so I might get lucky and write that amount especially if I hole up in my room. I'm not a great social writer. I get distracted, can't keep my thoughts straight and annoy other's by not staying on task.
I must say that it's good to be writing again. :) I think that my medicine is really helping me, even if it's only vitamins they can severely alter your mood if you don't have them in your system. Especially Vitamin D I didn't realize that I was deficient in that because I live in a sunny climate.

Well I'm about talked out. I need to get some sleep and figure out what to do tomorrow.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Writing in the Void D:3

Writing writing writing but not any fiction. I've been making paperwork for Nano. The duties of an ML, sigh. It's a good thing I've got a writers retreat to go to in the middle of the month. I don't know if I crossed off many of my goals today but I at least got some of them done. :)
That and annoying the crap out of my best friend.

Tomorrow, type up the last of the pep talks for the stuffers. Organize the T-shirt game contest.  Go to the doctors, and writers group in the evening. Make photocopies of the flyers for nano.
Well I did everything but 1. and 4. I can shift those to tomorrow. or work on them when I get home tonight.

See you all tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Writing in the Void D:2

I didn't get any fiction writing done today. I've been working on the non-fiction, gearing up for NanoWriMo. Which is kind of disappointing. I did get some work done on my friends sweater that I'm knitting her and am three months late giving her for her birthday. :(
But since it's kind of complicated and I got stuck I'm not going to get too down on myself about it. This week is going to be hard to get much real writing time it. I have to help my daughter prepare for a scouts presentation, (she's getting her first on her own badge, so proud of her. :)) I also have to get a bunch of flyers made for NanoWriMo, so I can give them to my writing group on friday to pass around the community.
Writing Goals for tomorrow.
1. Write the T-shirt contest rules.
2. Write up the rules for the game I'm doing for the kick-off.
3. Look at the list and type it up.
4. Spend an hour on the novel.
5. Write Blog Post.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Writing in the Void D:1

Well today I've written blog posts, posted to forums, and a game plan for the hosting of this years NanoWriMo. No fiction so far, and as it's after ten pm probably none today at all. But  I wanted to say that with the vitamin D pills that the doc gave me I'm finally starting to come out of my funk, I think. We'll see.  I still plan on trying to spend a consecutive three hundred and sixty five days writing, this year into next. I just didn't start when I thought I would. I've been writing this last month but I haven't been keeping track of my word count, or writing everyday. I'm working on three projects right now. I'm working on a non-fiction, Ravaged Shadow, and The plot for Shadows: A Dusty Covers Novel.  I also need to re-plot Rogue Mage. I decided that I didn't like where the story was going and might as well can the draft and start over.
Writing Goals for Challenge:
October 2013
1. Finish Ravaged Shadow
2. Plot a new book for Nano, using some principles I've come a crossed that looked like they might work.
3. If there is time plot out Earth's New Masters.

November 2013
1. Write Shadows.
2. Make it to at least 10 of the write-ins
3. Arse in chair at write-ins acutally writing.

December 2013
1.Edit Ravaged
2. Write Earth's New Masters
3. If there's time plot Rogue Mage.

Jan 2014
1.Edit Earth
2. Edit Shadow
3. Plot or write Rogue Mage.

Feb 2014
1.Write a Short
2. Plot Shifting Shadow
3. Attended Rad Con

March 2014
1. Edit Rouge
2. Write Shifted
3. Write a short

April 2014
1. Plot Mage Hunters
2. Write a Short
3. Plot Rotting Under Hill

May 2014
1. Edit Shifted
2. Write Mage Hunters
3. Write a Short

June 2014
1. Plot a Dusty covers book
2. Write Rotting Under Hill
3. Write a short

July 2014
1. Edit Mage Hunters
2. Write A Dusty Book
3. Plot Email

August 2014
1. Edit Underhill
2.Write Email
3. Plot DS book

September 2014
1.Edit Dusty Book
2. Plot A book
3. Write DS book

October 2014
1. Edit Email
2. Plot a book
3. Write a short

That will take me to the end of my challenge. I've sketched out what I plan to do, but this doesn't mean that half of this will happen because lets face it that's a lot of work. If I do this I will have written Three books in My Kayla Blackstone Series finishing it.
Three books in My Dragon Shadow Series.
and two books in my Dusty covers series
and two stand alones. That will be ten books. six shorts and have two plotted novels ready to go for the next month. That's a full load by any authors definition, but I have several books that were supposed to be out this year that i flubbed on because of my illness. I'm starting to feel better and if I can write a minimum of 2k a day I could achieve all that in a year. Most short stories are quick writes that can be done in a few afternoons. That's 730,000 words total at 2k a day times 365 that's not counting plotting, or editing

I always did like a challenge, and well I need practice editing.


ML 2013

Yeah I'm cool you know it. Lol not, well sometimes but this is my third year as ML. My second as first ML.  I served under the master one year, before, I took over and got a goodly servant of my own, NOT... lol well I do have a partner in crime,  but we are more equals then anything. Though I do kindly beg him to do all the stuff I suck at. Like forums those bloody things are crazy pieces of chaotic mess. How does any sane person navigate them or find anything so infuriating. My Writing in the void will officially start this month. I decided since it's the first and I'm on the blog. lol

If your interested in NanoWriMo, check it out at
it is national novel writing month. Yes, thirty days of crazy, fun filled noveling, teaching new writers and old that they can write a book if they just write a little every day.

I recommend it, because it gets you off your arse, or more to the point tells you to plant your arse in a chair pull out a pen, or keyboard and get to writing that novel you're always talking about.


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Writing in the Void Update

Today began way to early. So early in fact that my brain to mouth connection was broken, and I was
muttering gibberish for a good ten minutes, before it righted itself. I haven't gotten much in the way of writing done today. Mostly been chatting with my bff, and trying to get my inbox clean, and answering a fan letter I didn't know I had, because it got lost in the NIWA swamp. I've blocked them now, so I can see my other mail. I'm beta reading a new Frances Pauli, in her Kingdoms Gone series it's a wonderful series. I recommend to anyone who will listen especially the second book Horded which, I personally (heart<3).

So of the new words written today.  I wrote the introduction to this series, and why I'm doing this. I'm going to try and be more active. Since I don't spend a lot of time on my website/blog. This will be one way to get more content, and hold me accountable.
Words today not counting emails, or chats

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A New Beginning

So Before I was Adriane, The writer... I was Michael, The reader. Until the year I've come to call (the year of filler), everything I read seemed to be a filler book. All my beloved characters, every author I read, even one's I've always counted on to never let me down, wrote a filler book. Now what I mean by filler book is this. A story that really doesn't move the over arc of the series along.  Sure maybe the character changed... maybe the author killed off all our fav characters, maybe things happened... but well, the book doesn't really mean anything in the long run. (yes, I know, it was hard to write) Maybe they were all on a deadline, maybe it was a plot scraped together from a hodgepodge of ideas, but they didn't really want to write it for whatever reason. They were all Filler. Bubble gum, throw away, and it left me feeling dissatisfied with reading. Sure, I've read stuff since, but it's been labored. Painful. Not fun. It took me almost three months to read ghost story...
At one point in my life, I had a close to three book a day habit... seriously, I was a reader with a capital R. I bought all my authors the second they came out in hardback. I told all my friends to read them... And then I stopped: Cold.

Until: Horded Until: Wool

Now in an effort to fully disclose myself to all you wonderful people. I know the author of Horded. (the second book in the Kingdoms Gone series) She's a good friend of mine, and I beta read for her. (she's one of the only people I've read since 2010) But nothing has ever compelled me to want to have an audience before, a place to shout 'read this book,' it's awesome, go buy it. Enjoy. She's a good author, innovative, tells a good yarn, and doesn't like to be stuck with labels  (which I really admire.) But I loved this book. It plucked at the ol' heart, woke the shriveled gray matter, and said, look at me, you'll love me. And I did. It's really hard to beta a book you've fallen in love with because you miss things you are supposed to be looking for, and well, there were long stretches I'm sure I forgot to look too deeply into. But the thing I'm getting at is it made me want to read again. Which is both a good thing and a bad thing. I'm an immersion reader. It's hard for me to put a book down once I've started it until it's over. Anyway, when it's out, I hope you go and check it out. I think she said it was going to be out on April 10, 2013.

Now the second half of this story.
Back in February same friend released the first book in the Kingdoms Gone series. Unlikely, She was doing a five-day free promo. She was rocking the charts. And I had a short story that I had rights back on, and we got to talking, and she said, why don't you put it up on Amazon? So I did. Like I said, she'd put me back in a cheerful mood. I did a two-day free promo. I was really lucky and made it to third place in my category  (sort of cool) but at the top was a book called Wool... I admit I was curious. What made that a number one book, I thought and clicked the buy button. I read on the Amazon cloud reader, mostly technical how-to books, but lately, that's where I've been reading. So I said read this now, and it opened up a new browser window...  There was wool, the first few lines... man, this author being fancy... talking about the erosion of steps, and handrails... fancy. Then the question comes. Why? Why is he focused on the smallest detail, as children scream and play? Why is he sad. Why is he going to die... What happened. WHY can't I stop reading.... well, you get the picture. It starts off fancy, but it sucks you in; it immerses you in a world that is almost beyond grasp....unless you've been locked up... but that doesn't even begin to describe this book. It's short. 12k, but it well pulls you in. I'm sitting strapped for cash at this point... not much more than fifteen dollars to my name, and as soon as I hit the end of the story, I start searching for the next part cus well, there has to be more. I find out that he put out an omnibus. I click buy-it-now, not caring that it cost six bucks... (cheap for five books... a little over a dollar a book) and start reading the next book in the series within seconds. I stayed up all night.

Then I started trying to talk to my friends about it... they roll their eyes... Wool... I'm sick of hearing about it. It's been all over the net for months now. Where have you been...  
In my normal abode, under a rock... I didn't know about Wool. Thought it was something new and cool I could share with them, that I could get them to read, that we could talk about... They made me read the Hunger Games... for cripes sakes... and Twilight. Sigh, not that either are really bad books. They are good books in their own way... for their own audience. I could see why they would appeal to people. I might even review them... Some other day. Today I'm talking about Horded and Wool, and how they've changed my life.

I'm an author, but I've barely written; I'm a reader, but I've barely read since 2010. These two books, in their own ways, have brought me back to my loves, and I want to thank their authors from the bottom of my heart; and well, while I can't get my friends to read them, maybe some of you will. :) And we can have a nice conversation about it in the comments.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Something that makes me ridiculously happy!

Okay, so you might not know it, but I just released another new title Earth's New Masters last week, and I looked on amazon and I saw this...

Yes I know it's silly that it makes me so happy. But I've never had anything in the top 100 on amazon, and what do you know, but my dinky little story that I love is 97 out of 100. So it's not top place, but I'll take it because It's like Christmas and you got the gift you've always wanted. Or your parents finally bough you a bed, or a pair of shoes. It's like that only better. Thank you to everyone who's bought it. Thank you for making my day. :) 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It's That Time AGAIN!

You know you want to come out and play at the campfire with us and tell spooky stories over s'mores. We'll come on over and get your arse in gear.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Welcoming Voss Foster & His Debut Novel Tartaros

Adriane: Hello, Voss thanks for joining me today. Please tell us something about yourself and how you came to be a writer.

Voss: Well, thanks so much for having me. I’m a young adult (for the most part) writer, and a fantasy (for the most part) writer. I’m also an amateur belly dancer and photographer.
How I got here…it’s an interesting tale, depending on your definition of interesting. I’d say the idea first popped into my head when my fourth grade teacher nominated me most likely to become a famous author. Mind you, I then forgot about that for years. Then, right after I graduated from high school, I wrote Tartaros. The rest is history.

When you write a book, especially speculative fiction, so much doesn’t make it in. With this book, most of the stuff that didn’t make it was character sort of things. The thing that stands out to me now is the way the hunters fight. You don’t get to see as much as I would have liked and, by the final draft, seeing all the nifty little things like that just weren’t quite as important.
But, you don’t have to be a hunter to fight demons. Trust me, it helps, but here’s ten tips that’ll keep you alive in the event that this turns out to be a non-fiction book at some point in the future:
1.   Always keep salt on hand. It won’t necessarily do a lot of damage to a demon, but it will definitely be enough pain to distract your would-be attacker.
2.   Silver is silver is silver. It doesn’t have to be a stake or anything and you don’t have to be a hunter. Great-great-grandma Ida’s silver gravy boat, in a pinch, could be used to fend off a demon.
3.   Holy water is definitely effective. It can aid healing, even if you aren’t a hunter, but it’s also a great deterrent for demons—it burns.
4.   If you can, fight the demon in a kitchen or a supermarket baking aisle: almost every spice can do something to a demon.
5.   Don’t waste your time making a cross or symbols or anything—it’s not going to do regular humans an ounce of good against a demon.
6.   Health food shops are your friend. At least, any health food shop that sells essential oils.
7.   Learn what’s around you. If you have old dimes, nickels, and quarters, those are made of silver. So are old dollar coins. Pumpkin pie spice and five spice powder both have cinnamon in them. Wooden chairs, depending on what they’re made of, can be bloody useful, too.
8.   Copper used to be the metal of choice for hunters. It’s not as effective as silver, but is far more readily available. Tip over that change jar on top of your fridge and watch what happens when pennies hit your demon.
9.  Tobacco smoke is a natural repellent. Bust out those cigarettes.
10. When in doubt, don’t over think it. Hit the freaking demon with whatever’s at hand rather than let it attack you while you’re figuring out what’s most effective.

Adriane: That’s so clever! I wish I’d thought of it. :)

Adriane: What genre would you say you generally write in and is there another genre you’d like to write but haven’t yet?

Voss: I normally write fantasy, with a little dabbling in sci-fi, paranormal, and horror. But fantasy is definitely my main zone.
As for a genre I’d like to write in, I’ve been fascinated with bizarro fiction for a few years, but it’s really hard to pin down exactly how you write it. It’s sort of a combination of splatterpunk and magical realism, I guess. Something to that effect. Mind you, I’m not so great at writing either of those either, so that’s not a helpful definition, is it?

Adriane: As Tartaros draws to a close how do you feel about the book in general? And what is your hope moving forward?

Voss: There’s definitely a sense of excitement. This project has been two and a half years in the making, and I’d almost completely decided it was just going to languish in the realm of trunk stories. Of course, that obviously didn’t happen
Moving forward…in a general sense, I have an awful lot of projects in the works, including stories about puppets and the circus.
In the sense of Tartaros, I don’t make any promises that there will be any more books…but I don’t make any promises that there won’t be any more books.

Adriane: Do you have a favorite character?

Voss: If I was forced to pick, at least when it comes to Tartaros, it’s a real tossup. I have to admit, I’ve always had a bit of a crush on Isaiah. But, from a character standpoint, Archer tugs at my little old heartstrings.

Adriane: Can you remember how you felt when you first saw one of your books in a bookshop, or being read by a member of the public?

Voss: Hasn’t happened yet. Hopefully soon, though.

Adriane: What was your first acceptance and is being accepted still a thrill?

Voss: My first acceptance was another interesting one. I was actually at a convention when I got the eMail. It was just this little piece of flash fiction (Sky Symphony) written under the name Dee Williams. I didn’t make any money, but I think it was very important that the first thing I ever submitted got accepted.
And yes, it’s definitely still a thrill. I think of acceptances like a drug—you’re always chasing after that ideal high.

Adriane: Have you had any rejections? If so, how do, or did you deal with them?

Voss: Yes. Rejections rejections rejections. So many stories getting rejected, sent back out, rejected, lathered, rinsed, repeated. A few will come in a row, I’ll decide to live in my backyard and knit sweaters for cats the rest of my life. Then I’ll start writing again and fall back into the rhythm.

Adriane: Do you have an agent? Do you think they’re vital to an author’s success?

Voss: Agents. I suppose an agent wouldn’t hurt. I have yet to sub to one, although that day is probably coming sooner rather than later. I also don’t see how an agent could be seen as vital. Too many self-publishers and unagented authors out there, paying their bills, for me to believe that.

Adriane: Given how busy you are, this sounds like a silly question but do you ever suffer from writer’s block?

Voss: Writer’s block doesn’t exist. You can be creatively drained, or disinterested in your project, or have too much going on to make a decision about what to write, but writer’s block, in the traditional sense of not being able to write, doesn’t exist. Even if you’re writing utter crap, you can write. Just accept that it’s crap.

Adriane: Do you plot your stories or do you just get an idea and run with it?

Voss: Both. Sometimes, I’ll sit down and meticulously plan out every detail of my story (sometimes multiple times). Sometimes I just start writing and see where it goes. Sometimes I have a sort of vague thing in my head as to where the story’s headed, but I leave it open to the universe. It just depends on what my whim is.

Adriane: Some writers like quiet, others the noise of a coffee shop etc., do you listen to music or have noise around you when you write or do you need silence?

Voss: I’m big on having some sort of noise. Given complete control, I’ll put on music…normally a playlist I’ve designed for the purpose of writing said project. Or I’ll put on a movie or something that’s a nice match for the project and use that as background. Either way: sound is good.

Adriane: You’re on Twitter and have a Facebook Page, how valuable do you find social networking?

Voss: I can see it being very useful…of course; I rarely ever use Twitter or Facebook. Maybe I will once I actually have work out…that sounds far more likely.

Adriane: What do you think the future holds for a writer?

Voss: I don’t know, really, so I won’t make any industry predictions. The only thing I can say with any level of confidence is that writers, at no point in the near future, will be able to do the job without actually writing. Which I know is a huge disappointment. Like you, I’ve often dreamed of a hat that just spews books out of your brain and onto paper.

Adriane: It’s definitely an interesting time at the moment. You have a blog ( is this the best place to find out about you and your writing?

Voss: It probably is, but I also have a Twitter account (@VossFoster) a Facebook page (, and I have a Goodreads page for all my works, as well.

Adriane: Can you give you a brief blurb of the story?

A demon hunter, Daniel Tartaros is sworn to slay the denizens of Hell and, for over a decade, he has. He’s kept the world, and his girlfriend, safe. But, one night, the demons cross the threshold to his home. His girlfriend is taken, possessed by a powerful demon. Too powerful for him.

But the horror increases when he finds out the truth: it’s not just a demon. Lilith, the Queen of Hell, bound herself into a human body to be with him. But, broken free and without the restraint of a human life, she still needs him, and plans to use all of her power to keep him. She’ll do what it takes to keep him, even if it means the end of life.

They should pull apart, should, by all means, abandon their relationship. But something powerful pushes them together, something so subtle neither notices until it’s too late to turn back. With Earth hanging by spider’s silk, the tiniest ripple from either Daniel or Lilith could send it swinging into the fires of destruction.

Adriane: Is there anything else you’d like to mention?

Voss: Thank you so very much for having me here. And remember: Tartaros, out through Prizm Books. For all you fans of YA fiction. I will also be giving away a free eCopy of 'Tartaros' at the end of the tour. Commenter's wanting to enter will have to leave their eMail address in the comments, below.

Adriane: Thank you Voss! I’ve really enjoyed chatting with you and am so grateful for your time.

Voss Foster has written several stories including: The Drying (Evolution Volume 2), Misplaced (Wandering Weeds: Tales of Rabid Vegetation), Playground (Apocrypha and Abstractions), and Coffee (Signals from the Void). A full list of her work can be found on his website (


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Voss Foster lives in the middle of the Eastern Washington desert, where he writes speculative fiction from inside a single-wide trailer. When he can be torn away from his keyboard, he can be found cooking, practicing photography, singing, playing trombone, and belly dancing, though rarely all at once. His first full length work, Tartaros, is out now through Prizm Books.

Twitter: @VossFoster


If you are reading this and you write, in whatever genre, and are thinking “ooh, I’d like to do this” then you can… just and I’ll send you the questions.