Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Writing In The Void D:23

Here I am again... Though I'm disobeying doctor's orders. I'm not supposed to write for two weeks... I'm supposed to be wearing a brace that makes writing impossible. Except for my poor excuse for chicken scratch with my left hand.

I'm also up past my bedtime. Which is 8pm. (which I hate, and must come to terms with) I spend most of my time homeschooling. I decided I needed another project as if the millions I'm working on already weren't enough.

On the block this week. I have a beta to finish. I'm almost done with it.
Then I can read a submission I was given and proof a pamphlet for my friends' bug camp. Which sounds like a lot of fun.

Writing goals this week. I have a burning desire to write... the only problem is I'm not supposed to. Probably why I have the sudden burning desire.

Also, I just found out that people are reading this blog, sometimes. :) There was a nice lady who's read my book Unbound and left a comment.

Myrrien said...
You do have an audience, having just read "unbound" and enjoyed it I came looking to see what else you had written. Good luck with your writing. I'll check back occasionally hoping to find out what happened to Kayla.

So thank you Myrrien, I really appreciate it, I've never had anyone contact me as an author before in any way so it was really neat.
As I have no way to get ahold of you, I will answer your question as best as I can and hope that you read it here.
The second book to Kayla has been written, but I wasn't happy with the outcome, and in the original version of the first book, some characters go through the gate with Kayla at the end that didn't end up going in the revision, and as I had already written the second book at that point, I have to do a major revision to it to take those characters out of the plot of book two. 

I've decided to do a new plot sketch and redraft the book from scratch, because after reading it to some colleagues one day, I discovered that if you haven't read book one, book two will confuse you, because you walk off the page of book one, into the first scene of book two... So I have to do some backstory and better framing, so it can be read as a stand-alone if someone happened to pick it up first. 

That and I added some Sci-fi to my Fantasy, and I got slightly balled out and told that you can't do that... I might leave it in any way because there was a reason for it, but we'll see. 

So for the time being that's what happened to Kayla.

I was also working on another series at the time, and am working on finishing it up. I've gotten sick, however, so sometimes I don't get as much writing done as I would like. 
Thank you for your time and patience in reading my work.

So this week: Finish up Betas
                    Work on Listening to the Doctor
                    reread previous work and try to finish something.

Mostly I just want the betas out of the way. 
Hugs everyone,