Friday, October 4, 2013

Writing in the Void D:4

Well that was a long one. I'm finally finished with the plot explanation handout. Ended up having two doctors app. today sigh. I also wrote up the t-shirt contest. I got the flyers printed off and all my running around done. I totally rocked the on the ball stuff today, but I was gone all day. :( We also set up the Moses Nano facebook page. Well my co-ml did, I just asked him kindly and batted my eyes... lol not. Organized the babysitting calendar for this month and next, because of nano, I'm not going to be home as much as I normally am.

Writing goals for tomorrow start my Visioning your writing life. I need to do the four days and the vision board so I can teach it to my writing group at our retreat this next weekend you have to work on it for four consecutive days.
I also opened my WIP but I only wrote one sentence. I wrote more than two thousand words to day on non-fiction stuff. At least I have a whole writing weekend coming up, I hope I can get lots done. Maybe bring my chart and do a NaNo WEE... which in case you didn't know what that is it is. Writing a novel in a weekend. The typical word count actually  places the stories at novella length ( roughly 15-30k) but long sprint writers that can do ten to fifteen thousand words a day might do more than that.  I have roughly 30 k left on ravaged so I might get lucky and write that amount especially if I hole up in my room. I'm not a great social writer. I get distracted, can't keep my thoughts straight and annoy other's by not staying on task.
I must say that it's good to be writing again. :) I think that my medicine is really helping me, even if it's only vitamins they can severely alter your mood if you don't have them in your system. Especially Vitamin D I didn't realize that I was deficient in that because I live in a sunny climate.

Well I'm about talked out. I need to get some sleep and figure out what to do tomorrow.