Friday, November 6, 2009


So this is my method crazy:)
I sit down i look at the page and think about who my character is and how she moves about her world, I look at the people in her life and how she relates to them I try to find a quite place without distrations and then i write my charaters talk with out qouts around what they say there are a bigillian mispelled words and there is very little punctation because I write in what is called free flow, I have a rough idea of what i'm doing a vague idea of where the story is going but I like her or i hate her and that works for us, and the guys are both sweet and annoying and she wants to kill them and she's been ending up in situations that i have no idea how or why they happened and small side plots have gotten huge and demand more of my time and the story line then I'd intended and I can type pretty dam fast when i'm in a flow so look at what I've just written to you and you'll be able to have an Idea of what my rough work looks like before it gets it's window dressing and did i add that I've skipped almost all of my discriptions and no body knows what anyone looks like:) and they are living in a cardboard cut out, which is fine because i'm writing the action and dialog and when i go back in and do the layering it will be a thing of beauty and have twice the count then other wise. so there you go I type fast and i dont stop for all the frills and yes sometimes i sneak back in and spell check but that's my choice and as my word count speaks for it's self I think it works for me.
so I started today at 18,242 and I'm now at 20,426 as I head off to the first official writein for our area I am nervious and happy because i get to look at other people as crazy as I am and that's a thing of beauty so to all my fellow nanoers good word counts and nimble fingers

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The long day's are starting to get to me, I'm avraging 2685.5 words a day. I'm at 10742 right now and I need to be over eleven thousand before i go to bed lets see 10742-10145= 597 so if i'm to make my word count today i need to write another 1070 words and i just dont feel up to it at the moment. 11812 is what i will be if i do my word count. but i dont know I'll post later to let you know what I am if you want to be my buddy my nano name is RooRooMEB anyhow hope you all take care

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Nano Day One Draws To A Close

Thank god that's over, only 29 more days to go I'm tired cranky and I'm sure annoyed all my friends to no end, but I made my word count for the day. And to all the friends i unintentionally annoyed Sorry:) anyway hope you all make your counts for the month and win you goals. take care i will get my ten grand sticker either tonight, or tomorrow yes i will, yep!