Thursday, October 17, 2013

Writing in the Void D:17

I'm Beta reading the book, it is good, but has the rough patches that every first book has. Or at least my first book had them so I understand them. :) I'm enjoying reading it.

So I spent the evening out at my besties watching it and letting our kids have a play date. Which was way fun even if trying to keep a gaggle quite is a bit of a chore. Especially when you are trying to watch a show where the sound quality is low when they talk and the music is way too loud.

I've been sucked into the world of Once Upon a time In Wonderland.
Lets just say the knave is my fav character. I'm waiting to see how the story plays out. You get the feeling that the man Alice loves isn't really in love with her and with the longing looks behind her back you get an idea of who really does love her. It's interesting if the cg is goofy I think its intentional. The acting on some of the other actors parts is a touch disturbing and I hope that we get to find out the true meaning behind all the mysteries before they cancel the show. you know how spin offs don't always last.

I read the whole 17000 word section for one of the character arc's when I got home but wasn't smart enough to mark it up so I have to do it again. not that I mind it was kind of good to read it through once. Because I have a better Idea about how to help.

Goals for tomorrow.
Work on beta
Have writing Group
Setup schedule