Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Writing in the Void D: 16

Apparently I'm the devil, or so my friend told me numerous times today. Last night and yesterday I'd tried hard to come up with a short story, so that I could do the J.A. Konrath contest. All that my poor brain did was make novels. I have three new plot arcs for novels... Don't I have enough books crawling around in my head already. :)

So I asked my friend to teach me how to make a short story. She writes them all the time so I thought that she was the go to person to ask. :) She gave me shit. She likes doing that and I find it funny so I don't mind, then we signed off and went to bed neither of us knowing what was in store for today. apparently last night her brain concocted the antidote to my question. and This evening I put it to use. She helped me write the outline for a short story and told me the bloody rules to the things.  you need a theme and a purpose as to why you are writing it. You know commentary on life or issues or whatever instead of just writing a story for the sake of story.

So I got the first page written, bout 250 or so words we'll see how it goes.

Goals for tomorrow. Beta Dusty
Work on outline