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Radcon 7B
Itinerary for: Adriane Ceallaigh
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Fri Feb 16 2:00:pmFri Feb 16 3:00:pmLines in the Sand
2207Marginalized people and communities finally have a voice, but sometimes it can be hard to get information without feeling attacked. A friendly, open discussion about offensive tropes, clichés, and how to avoid them. Please bring your questions and your forbearance as we discuss some hot button topics.
Adriane Ceallaigh Esther Jones Frishberg, Manny Frog Jones Kamila Miller

Sat Feb 17 12:45:pmSat Feb 17 1:45:pmHow to Write/Film a Fight Scene
2209There is more to a fight scene than just slugging/slashing/kicking an opponent. What do you as the writer/director want this sequence to say about your characters? What does a "real" fight actually look like? How does size differential between opponents play into the story narrative? Come ask questions of actual martial artists with decades of experience as well as Jason Andrew Bond, martial artist & bestselling author of the Hammerhead series.
Adriane Ceallaigh Bruce Schmoetzer Jason Andrew Bond Lovett, John Michael Ehart S. B. Sebrick

Sat Feb 17 3:15:pmSat Feb 17 4:15:pmCreativity Gadgets: The Most Useful Technologies for Writers
2203Technology is distracting – the bane of the modern writer's existence. Yet technologies also give us a wealth of tools that great writers of the past would have killed their favorite character for. From idea generators to Scrivener, from Panlexicon to productivity apps. From story dice, to Pinterest, to Wikipedia, to streaming music services, to distraction blockers, to name databases, to tablets and smart phones. And finally, once the story is finished, tools can help you sell stories! How can modern technology, both electronic and analog, help writers generate new ideas, stay productive, and streamline the writing process for maximum quality and productivity? Bring a notepad (or your iPad) to jot down the dozens of new gadgets, apps, and websites to try!
Adriane Ceallaigh Crissy Moss Jeanette Bennett Luna Lindsey Scott James Magner

Sat Feb 17 5:45:pmSat Feb 17 6:45:pmMaintaining Your Art and Writing Despite Disabilities
2205Do you face growing health issues or life long or injury caused disabilities? Learn how to manage your art, writing or creative life despite your disabilities.
Adriane Ceallaigh Jack of all Arts Jeff Sturgeon Mark Chapman Shannon Reagan

Sun Feb 18 10:15:amSun Feb 18 11:15:amWorld Building using Mythology
2203From Tolkien to Miyazaki, the greatest fantasy writers used mythology to tell their stories.
Adriane Ceallaigh Sanan Kolva Ted Butler Ty Hulse Vanessa MacLellan

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