Sunday, October 6, 2013

Writing in the Void D:6

Man I had a good day. I got a lot written on my Vision Board class like six pages. :) Went over to my BFF's house for her son's birthday, had a blast, watched Once, and a good/bad movie. The movie was visually stunning but the plot and story-line fell flat. The only thing we can think of is that it's a book and the filmmakers F* it up like they tend to.

Other then that we had a stitch and bitch found, out that I messed up the lace on my project, so I'm going to have to frog, sadness. But we know where I messed it up, so we should be able to fix it. I might have to see if there is a tut anywhere on that particular section, or find out if youtube has a video that explains how to do what they want me to do in the project.

Over all for a Sunday I got a lot done. I'm going to have to find my medicine because I can't find my bottle of pills for my next dose. I only have to take them once a week but I'm concerned. I hope I didn't leave it somewhere.  Goals for tomorrow. Do day 2 of the vision board. Figure out how many, of each, of what, I'm going to have to print off for the folders, for NaNoWriMo stuffers.  I'm starting to get excited about it which is something that I haven't been for the last few years. I'm feeling a touch of stress, but if we pull off what we've planned we should have an epic year. I need to create a folder and put all the files into it for the paperwork.

I'm going to open my Wip, but I don't know if I'll find anything to say on it. I have found a new trick with note cards, I might try, seems if I have a small space to write in, I write more than I think I'm going to, because it's not overwhelming. I'm dealing with a lot of anxiety at the moment not sure if it's linked to the deficiency, or not. In any case. Thats the plan for tomorrow.

Thanks for listening