Writing Goals

 Writing Goals


Just write

Relaunch Unbound, in a serial form
(Needs to be re-plotted and edited for this)
Be consistent in updating the website.

(I was too sick to do what I had planned, I did work on unbound, but then I had to put it down for a little while, then I forgot what I was doing, so I'm attempting to do it again this year.)
Relaunch Unbound, in a serial form
(Needs to be re-plotted and edited for this)
Merge Author Names

Re-edit Unbound
Re-Launch Unbound with a new cover and new blurb
Finish Editing Novella for a new pen name
Publish Novella for a new pen name
Re-Plot Rogue Mage
Re-draft Rogue Mage
Edit Rogue Mage
Publish Rogue Mage

wrote a novella for another pen name
was sick and didn't work most of the year

(I was bedridden most of the year and didn't get much writing done.)

Publish Ravaged Shadow
Publish Rogue Mage
Write and Publish Shifted Shadow
Write and Publish Serial
Plot and Write Mage Hunters
Re-Plot Shadow, a dusty covers novel
figure out one or two more

Gutted Dragon Shadows.
Re-Published a short story
Ravaged Shadow. 40k October 2013
Rogue Mage Replot - draft November 65k
Shifted Shadow Plot
Work on Episode for ENM serial
 Dec Edit Ravaged out to Beta readers.

4. May/June Edit Kayla-Publish
5.June- Novella draft/publish

6.July-draft/ prep for class

7. August  draft/teach a class

8. September- Rogue Mage editing, Publish? Draft short

9. October- editing short /outline Mage Hunters

10. November- Draft...Nano/Mage Hunters

11. December- Editing, Draft short
Spend one day a week working on promo and email.

Successes and failures
Published Unbound {Kayla Blackstone Book One} Paper Back 6/6/2012
Published Unbound {Kayla Blackstone Book One} Kindle Edition 6/5/2012
Sold Short published April 2012
Sold Short Publishing date pending 2012

1.October- editing, short, and serial

2.November- draft

3.December- editing, short, and serial


1. Get Kayla and Jinxi finished editing.

2.Minimum of 2 contracts.

a. tumblers story
b. Kayla
c. Jinxi

3. Take three books off the wips list by making drafts out of them.

4.One first draft every 2 months.

5. 2 shorts out every month

6. 1 serial entry every 2 weeks
7. 1-second draft every 2 months