Monday, October 14, 2013

Writing in the Void D:14

Well I got some not so good news today. The doctor thinks my condition is more serious than he thought, and he's having a specialist look at my exam images. Despite that I got some writing done today.
I've also decided on another challenge to work on for the next few days. I want to take up the J.A. Konrath challenge and write and publish a short story in 8 hr's I'm probably going to try and write it in five or less and give it to my friend to beta and punctuate.(edit.) make a cover while its off doing that and then pop it up online. the only thing I'm not sure about is whether to put it up under my name or a pseudonym. don't' know Have to think about it. Whatever I decide I'll let you know. :)

Goals for tomorrow. Do the eight hour challenge. Spend time with my kid. and clean off our school desk so we can get back to doing the most important thing in my life.


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