Saturday, October 5, 2013

Writing in the Void D:5

Well as you know bob... I wrote a little on my speech for the retreat. I also went to a bday party for a no fiction today. I'm just... very tired. I'll probably write a little by hand later tonight before bed. But other than Group broadcasts telling them what the schedule was going to be for the coming months, I didn't do much. My printer is out of toner which is screwing with my mojo. I normally print off what I'm working on and then write the next section by hand and so on because I think better that way but it should be coming in the mail soon.
We also start back to school Monday, so I need to get in gear and gather all the lesson plans for next week tomorrow night.
Not much of an update but at least I'm writing even if it's non fiction and only a few hundred words I think I wrote almost a grand today which isn't to bad.
Anyhow just thought I should check in before I feel asleep and didn't do it today.


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