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Guest Post: Jaleta Clegg, New Release: Dark Dancer

     I love telling stories, but I have trouble keeping it in the real world. I like to play with future technology and magic and demons and strange worlds. I like to dream up places for the characters living in my head to play. I guess I never grew up because I'm still playing make-believe.
     I've written stories about space travel and aliens, a whole series with eleven books. I've written several dozen short stories of silly horror and not-so-silly horror. I've dabbled in fantasy but Dark Dancer is my first fantasy novel. It has magic and elves and airships and trolls and pixies. I love the pixies. Think of knee-high weapons of drunk destruction.

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Dark Dancer -

A strange prophecy haunts the Seligh lords, rulers of the Fey and controllers of all magic in the Summerlands, a prophecy that foretells their fall. At its heart, is a young human woman with no memory of her power or potential to destroy their world.

Here's an excerpt with Mikkle, my favorite pixie:

Sabrina stopped to rest beside a tiny trickle of water. Delicate plants threaded the stream with clumps of emerald green. She scooped a handful of water to her mouth. A rock whizzed from nowhere, striking her hand. Water splashed across her leggings.
 “I wouldn’t drink that, if I were you. Not unless you wanted to become a forest creature.” A figure scrambled from beneath a bush to confront her. He stood maybe two feet tall. His mottled brown clothing blended with the pine needles and undergrowth of the forest. He cocked his head as he studied her.
  “Don’t tell me. It’s magical.” She shook the droplets from her hand.
  The tiny man pointed at the stream. “See how it only goes a little way? That’s how you can tell. Unless you can smell it. This spring reeks of power.”
  Sabrina sat back on her heels. “Maybe I’d be better off as a deer or a rabbit or even a squirrel.”
  The man shouted in laughter. “I said forest creature, not animal. You’d most likely become a dryad. You don’t have the look of a nyad. And everyone knows satyrs are only male.”
 “So which one are you?”
  His laughter vanished, hidden by a ferocious scowl. “Don’t you ever call me a satyr. I’m a pixie. And what are you? You stink of elven power but you aren’t one of them.”
  “I don’t know what I am. Telys called me a dancer.”
  The pixie scrambled to stand beside her. He poked her with one tiny finger. “Telys told you? Where is he?”
  She shrugged. “Caught by the flyers last night. I don’t know who they belonged to.”
 The pixie spat to one side. “The Seligh. Doesn’t matter which one. They’re all bad. They’re after you, too?”
  She nodded.
  “Then I’ll help you.” He spat on his palm and held his hand towards her. “Name’s Mikkle.”
  “Sabrina.” She touched her palm to his. Power tingled in the contact.
  Mikkle grinned. “Now I see why they want you.”

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