Tuesday, December 9, 2014

ST. Dragon Girl volume 1 Review

ST. Dragon Girl, by Natsumi Matsumoto. A Shojo Beat Manga. I liked it. I don't know that I'll read any more of the series, because I didn't like it well enough to hunt it down.  It's done in the style of several short story arcs within one volume. Momoka Sendou is a charming fighting type, who  solves everything by shoving her fist in your face. Her "Boyfriend" Ryuga seems the typical type for this style as well. He gets in her way, and protects her, by binding her, so only he can unlock the powers she "accidentally" acquired. I'd keep reading the series if someone handed it to me, but it doesn't call out as a must go get the next book now frothing at the mouth that drives my entertainment life.
I did like how this one didn't really reintroduce the characters in an obnoxious way in every new short within the book. That said, I wish that the events had taken longer and been more in-depth it was like skimming the surface of potential, and getting instead unfulfilled candy pop.
out of five starts I'd give it a three

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