Friday, February 8, 2019

Apparently I'm a spaz...

I just checked and found out that I'm a spaz. Apparently, I had written several posts last year, but neglected to push publish... I'm going to be at RadCon again in a few days.

I've been bedridden for the last year, or so. It's hard to be a productive writer when you can't sit up for very long. I did write 30,000 words in 24hours last year. That was interesting. Then I spent the next 2 weeks in bed, mostly asleep because I couldn't move.

 I also have so many things set as a draft and don't know why that happened. I will have to republish them.

Kayla's a mess, I know what I want to do, but every time I make any progress, my body shuts down, and then I forget what I'm doing and have to start again.

My plan this year is to attempt to set up a few web novels on this site. Since I don't know what I'm doing it might be a while. Essentially the plan is to turn Kayla into a web novel because I think that the format will suit the book better.

My biggest problem with all this is it's overwhelming. I have too many books, and everytime I start on something I get stuck in, I should be doing this instead. Then I end up not doing anything.

So, the goal is to not work too much, edit and put up what I have as I go, also to pick one thing even though I know I have 20 other projects almost done. I just need to work on one at a time.

I'm going to do some site maintenance, update my wips, and attempt to figure out how to upload pdfs and what not to the website. I think it might be easier if I were to move to a different host, but I don't think I want to fiddle around, so I'm just going to leave it alone for the time being.

So, those are the plans as of today, but I've been sitting up for too long, So, I'm going to go lay down, hope you are all having a wonderful day.

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