Saturday, February 27, 2021

365 Day's Writing in the Void: prompt 1 (WTS)

This prompt comes from the cover of the book.

Write the story: Time Travel.

Include the following in your story:

*seven *constellation *guitar *shipwreck *fury

not sure what to do with seven, shipwreck? Starship? Light glinting off a metal hull on a sandy beach, angry kicking, cursing dirty rag, and slinging a wrench giving a report.

Constellation some kind of star chart? Unexplored part of space? Hired? Were they on the job and hit something, and now they don't know where they are? They see a constellation no one has ever seen before on their map, but now they've wrecked and don't know what to do?

Are there seven of them, or were there seven of them, and now there aren't anymore? Does someone play the guitar? It might be useful to pass the time, so now we need a crew to deal with this shipwreck marooned on a planet they don't know where the hell they are or where they've been; oh, I forgot about the time travel that might be fun maybe it's not that it isn't a constellation that they haven't seen it's that it is from a when that is no longer there. 

Did something happen that destroyed part of the solar system... earth. That might be fun. Marooned in the sea on earth. In a broken starship, they need to fix it, and a pirate ship sails by, or some nonsensical thing like that to liven up the mood. 

So, seven crew are they all people, or at least humanoid...?

Not sure this is sort of fun. I can picture a guy with a greasy face, kind of young silver hair, a little angry but not really showing it more annoyed than anything. He doesn't like to be bothered chuck his wrench into the tool chest mostly because someone else in the crew is up in his face and arguing about how long the repairs will take. Him saying that it will take until they can work out how to make a replacement meant for whatever part in the engine is broken. The captain is a little more level-headed. 

A little scampy scout of a creature loopy braids pigtail baggy clothes pouches and various bags strapped to her with different equipment needed to scout like binoculars type deals.

1) Captian (Gavin Ang m), Hard dark eyes could convey any emotions with the briefest of looks. Dark hair a little long, that just hung in his eyes, and an iron will that pulled him and a few friends up from their boots to become a decent small team that ran missions for something and made a decent living, and if they kept it up, they would soon have enough money to upgrade to a bigger operation. Which they had been working towards for several months. 

2) Mechanic (Aiden Fuse m), hard-eyed, soft-hearted depending on the person as long as you aren't Barret he and the cap go back as far as you can go back, both of them are young but have a glint in their eyes you don't want to mess with if you can help it. I don't really know their story. In fact, I shouldn't even be here since I'm not part of the crew, just some poor tag along that got dragged into this adventure. Though you can't really call me a person either, we'll get to what I am later in the story, back to the character run down. 

 3) Scout (Nef Marwin f) this little scamp is a bit young, a bit of a  scrapper, and crawled into the cargo held one day and basically told the cap that he was going to be her boss, he tossed her out on more than on occasion, and a couple of planets later she was still there, so he gave up and took her on. Befuddled on how she kept turning up, no one knows nor asks anymore, but she has kept us out of a few scraps by her scouting, trap disarming, and seemed to have a six sense on when something isn't right like what happened this morning too bad by the time she warned us it was already too late. 

4) Mercenary /warrior (Barret Ueng m), Can you be a jerk and a good guy at the same time? Well, if you can, Barret is your guy; his gruff mouth has an opinion on everything and doesn't know when to shut his trap. But he's good at his job, which is watching your back, so you don't have to. musclehead

5) pilot (Merrick Bog m) thin whip of a man serious and studious when he isn't at the wheel of the ship. He's studying to make something of himself always has a fact about something, but he keeps most of them to himself unless he thinks it will help the situation; otherwise, he knows that it will cause disharmony in the ranks, and he likes to follow the rules, this flyboy is an ace at his job, and he knows it. Still, he doesn't let it go to his head like others in his profession. He has a little crush on Winter but isn't sure how to let her know. So, he just studies harder. He's a good guy. 

6 Doctor (Kiya Siy f), The medical officer on the ship, I think she wheres goth boots. Serious/ flirty depending on the mood. She's one of those that's hard to write because I have her in my head, but it's hard to describe her on paper. Tough as nails don't take no shit, but because she has to take no shit. She has to make sure your ass will get off that stretcher alive. she has to deal with dudes two times three times her weight class trying to toss her around out of their minds in pain while she's trying to do her best to stitch them back up again. She saw some things she'd rather not see again, got tossed around by the system, and ended up at this place on the back end of the drifts. In the far end of known space, hoping against hope that no one she knows ever finds her again, not because she's ever done anything bad, but because she did one too many good things. 

7 Tech (Winter Dia f) winter is white with an electrode that looks like a gem embedded in the center of her forehead. I can't figure out right now if she is bald or if she has long hair, or if she is androgynous. or sexy she's kind of ethereal at the moment. But gentle this character is very much there, but she's very white with blue undertones, and I get the feeling that she's cold, but it's not that she doesn't feel it's that she doesn't know how to express her feelings, so it seems cold. 

But she is very attached to her crew, but she would rather that they didn't know that and just handle them with the facts. So that she could just get on with her day. She spends most of her time hooked into the ship's AI, dealing with the navigation system and making space jumps and communications and anything that has to do with the ship's tech. (maybe she has a computer virus for a pet?)

So, in the end, you have a group of seven misfits on the back end of known space, just making the bare minimum to get by.  They're all young enough to still have a spark of hope in their eyes even though they're old enough to know better and have come from places that should have beaten it out of them. Still, their captain is just the kind of guy to give them that kind of spark again, and he's made enough to set them up after this to get them a bigger ship and set their business up a little better so that they can get higher more crew and grow. They are excited. That is until I showed up. Drifting in my endless slumber, a god that should have been left asleep since our planet was destroyed eons ago... a fury that crashed into them and sent their ship into a constellation that had long since been silenced in the universe. 

Okay, you guys, so the exercise was not really a fail, but not really a success today. It's almost four pm, and I've been doing the outline all day. I don't count it as a failure because I have an anthology that I need a ship story for, so I will use this as the outline for that story. I might post the rough draft of that tomorrow; who knows, but here is what I did with the story prompt from the front cover in a few hours of scribble scratch. I came up with the characters' concept, some brief back story, and apparently a sleeping god...

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