Saturday, March 6, 2021

365 Day's Writing in the Void: First Weeks Wrap and Check in.

 I know it might seem like I'm flaking out on the challenge by only focusing on prompt 4 for so long, but in reality, I'm not; the goal of this challenge is to get me writing again and finishing projects, and if a project has me excited enough to attempt to finish a whole story arc then that is a good thing. 

I keep posting new prompts so that I can keep track of where I should be, and I want to not play catch up so much as be aware of where I am in the challenge as a whole. 

The goal is to write in the prompts every day, and I am doing that; you can watch prompt 4 updates in real-time. Sometimes it's really slow and sometimes fast, but it has been every day. Though some days, it's at the end of the day. 

Tomorrow I plan to work about another thousand words in that story and then try to get to work on some of the other stuff that I have been putting off since   I was working on prompt 4.

I came up with a wonderful idea for my library story that I need to do for my anthology that is coming up. I'm going to bring all the characters that I have been working on lately into the story as part of the team; well, except for the ship prompt, they have their own story, but the kids for prompt 2 and prompt 3 and prompt 4 will be joined into a single story. 

So on to some fun stuff:
This weeks totals,
Ship plotting word count 1482 (prompt 1)
Oil plotting word count 1994 (prompt 2)
Library plotting word count 1352 (Prompt 3)
Prompt 4 plotting totals? I did it on paper, so I don't know.
Vamp plotting word count (96 Prompt 5)
Prompt 6 ruminating have an idea, but I'm busy with prompt four, so I didn't write it down yet.
Prompt 7 ruminating 
Plotting total: 4, 924

Oil Prompt 2 part 2 915 thinking about combining these into one and deleting the other post like I did with prompt 4. 
Oil Prompt 2 part 3 859

Prompt 4 current 4,177 still writing tonight, so I will probably update it before I go to bed as it is only 6pm. finished the night at 5,378
Drafting this week: 7,152
total combine: 12,076
Overall, while not 100% on target, this challenge is getting me where I wanted to go with it. Which is to write more and hopefully finish something without having a panic attack, and treating every little thing as precious and overanalyzing everything, and being too afraid of what others will think to put it out there. Putting out a rough draft, or even multip rough draft, frees you of the fear of perfection that can cage you and your writing. 

I know that I'm not perfect, that my punctuation is a mess, and that I need a proofreader, but you know what? At this point, I don't care. Because at the end of the day, I need to get back in the saddle because I've been bucked one too many times. 
Any hoodoo voodoo, that's my two cents right now. I'll see what I think at next week's wrap-up. 

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