Saturday, March 13, 2021

365 Day's Writing in the Void: Week Two Wrap and check-in


Health update:

I'm exhausted. Not just a little tired, really tired, my body wants to shut down tired. Well, scratch that it did shut down tired. It shut down on Friday and said I don't care what you have planned; you're going to sleep, no ifs, ands, or buts. 

And sleep, I did. However, I must preface this by saying it's kind of my fault. I haven't been following my health protocols to the letter this week either.

I was up till at least 10:30-2 every day this week, and up by 6 every day in the chair working, on the story and by Friday my sick body had had it with me, and I'd noticed that my dawn sugars had gone from 80 every morning to 130 by Friday morning, some could say this is not the right thing to be doing. So, while my writing experiment is going rather well, I think I need to scale back some of the crazy. Well, at least not repeat this week.

This is what I did this week for any of you, not in the know.

It started out innocently enough. I just wanted to see if I could increase my word count a little, by writing by hand, because I wasn't toping 2k a day just typing into the computer. When before I could easily do 10k days on the computer. I think it has something to do with the discomfort of sitting at the computer and my health level. 

But I digress. So the rundown is like, this on Sunday. I'm not sure if this story was in last week's wrap-up or not. I'll check before I publish. I wrote and finished Prompt 8. I think it was around 400 words.

On Monday, I wrote and finished Prompt 5, 3221

On Tuesday, I hand wrote 24 pages. I didn't know how many words that is. on prompt 4

On Wednesday, I typed 5,328 words on prompt 4  chapter 4 1,948  chapters 5 2,063  chapter 6 430 plotting 887

On Thursday, I typed 5,062 words on prompt 4 chapter 6 2,121 chapter 7 1,088 chapter 8 1,607 

chapter 9 246

On Friday, I wanted to do chapters 9 and 10, but I fell asleep, and when I woke up, I did the rest of chapter 9, which was 2532, and the intro to 10, but it was only like 50 words or so.

Saturday, I wrote Chapter 10 1130 and chapter 11 1,230, and counting; I'm in the middle of sorting out my battle scene that doesn't count the 500 words of plotting that I deleted today. 

I did the math, and I'm over 18k of active words for the week in drafting that doesn't count plotting. I have no idea what my plotting notes are this week because I didn't really track them. 

What went wrong:

I really wanted to stick to the prompt schedule, but after handwriting that thing on Tuesday, the week got out of hand. 

Goals upcoming:

Next week, my goals will be to focus on finishing this story and then go back to the others, or alternatively take a break one day this week and do another one of the stories. 

But I've kind of tied them all in one way or another into this universe, which will come in later... I know it's a bit much, but what happened was this library story needed a background world, to have some meat to land on, so I needed some world building, and well... things go away from me. 

So I'm technically still doing the challenge since I'm working on prompt 4... it's just that prompt 4 has turned into a novella... also, the oil kids... are going to become part of the story. 

But after library so way down the line. 

Why the weird, I.E., Fixing the Backend:

Also, I've fixed the blog's backend; prompt 4 was too big to have two chapters per page, making the pages weird. Most of the chapters are over two thousand words, and the blog doesn't seem to like it when you get up into the five thousand words and up area; I'm not exactly sure why. I'm not exactly happy with how I've been managing the text function on these. 

I normally write in scrivener. But with these projects bouncing back and forth, Scrivener wasn't working because it would have weird formatting issues between the programs; so I started using google docs; there are still formatting issues, but they aren't as bad. 

This is not the best solution. The best solution would be for blogger to have a better word processor on their interface that lets you chose the intents and such, but that would be too much to ask... 

 I'll eventually grow up and move my website... but not anytime soon. Though google these days is really trying my patience since they ate one of my domain names and the email address that controlled it even though I still pay for both... so entertaining that. 

Changes to the blog:

365 days in the void is where you can find the prompts. I try to link them there after they are finished being posted, so you find the story if you want to read it.

I have made a previous, toc, next link at the bottom of every page of the prompt 4 story for better navigation; if you find a broken link, please let me know; so that I can fix it. 

I've also made a prompt 4 toc at the top of the blog; you can find a link to it on the 365 pages, as well as at the top of the page and within the page of the story you are currently reading. It was getting too big to keep it on the same page with the other prompts. 

I'm going to try and figure out how to make past episodes more available since the blog sidebar hides stuff for some reason, and you can't see anything after it vanishes if there isn't a link. 

I think that's the update for the week. I need to figure out what my final word count was, but other than that, thanks for being here. Have a good night. 

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