Sunday, March 7, 2021

This weeks writing Goals:

 This week, I'm going to be doing the 365 challenge; of course, I want to do other stuff as well. Since I need to get my butt in gear on the anthologies. I also need to take better care of my health, so I won't be adding a new prompt every day this week. I think I'll work on the ones that I have until they are done. Otherwise, I will start to feel overwhelmed.  I think I'll note in the header what's going on; maybe we'll see.

Prompt 4 has become a monster all its own, it's almost done, but it's already quite long. It's already over 5k.

Prompt 5 has been written on paper. I'm working at typing it into the computer today. I don't think I'll get it finished. I'm hurting pretty bad.

 I might not type into the computer tomorrow. I might just make a note of notebook pages that I did on the blog and come back in a few days and update it. I need to take better care of my body. My health has had a backslide this last week. My blood sugars have been pretty bad, and my other medical condition has been acting up.

Prompt 6, I think I'll work on this one on Tuesday. Monday, I'll be working on finishing up the vampire story (prompt 5) and working on prompt 4.

Prompt 7 will be Thursday. I'm not going to choose any new prompts this week if I can help it.

 I will just be updating the different chapters of the prompts I'm working on, I think, in their own posts because they get pretty long otherwise. 

Unless I'm working on a story for the anthology, if I'm doing that, I might have to upload a prompt to work on later. I'm not sure how to handle this, I need to do the challenge, but I can't share what I write for the anthology.

I could update my word count. I could also describe what the characters did that day and maybe who they are; I guess I'll sort something out. 

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