Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Writing in the Void D:1

Well today I've written blog posts, posted to forums, and a game plan for the hosting of this years NanoWriMo. No fiction so far, and as it's after ten pm probably none today at all. But  I wanted to say that with the vitamin D pills that the doc gave me I'm finally starting to come out of my funk, I think. We'll see.  I still plan on trying to spend a consecutive three hundred and sixty five days writing, this year into next. I just didn't start when I thought I would. I've been writing this last month but I haven't been keeping track of my word count, or writing everyday. I'm working on three projects right now. I'm working on a non-fiction, Ravaged Shadow, and The plot for Shadows: A Dusty Covers Novel.  I also need to re-plot Rogue Mage. I decided that I didn't like where the story was going and might as well can the draft and start over.
Writing Goals for Challenge:
October 2013
1. Finish Ravaged Shadow
2. Plot a new book for Nano, using some principles I've come a crossed that looked like they might work.
3. If there is time plot out Earth's New Masters.

November 2013
1. Write Shadows.
2. Make it to at least 10 of the write-ins
3. Arse in chair at write-ins acutally writing.

December 2013
1.Edit Ravaged
2. Write Earth's New Masters
3. If there's time plot Rogue Mage.

Jan 2014
1.Edit Earth
2. Edit Shadow
3. Plot or write Rogue Mage.

Feb 2014
1.Write a Short
2. Plot Shifting Shadow
3. Attended Rad Con

March 2014
1. Edit Rouge
2. Write Shifted
3. Write a short

April 2014
1. Plot Mage Hunters
2. Write a Short
3. Plot Rotting Under Hill

May 2014
1. Edit Shifted
2. Write Mage Hunters
3. Write a Short

June 2014
1. Plot a Dusty covers book
2. Write Rotting Under Hill
3. Write a short

July 2014
1. Edit Mage Hunters
2. Write A Dusty Book
3. Plot Email

August 2014
1. Edit Underhill
2.Write Email
3. Plot DS book

September 2014
1.Edit Dusty Book
2. Plot A book
3. Write DS book

October 2014
1. Edit Email
2. Plot a book
3. Write a short

That will take me to the end of my challenge. I've sketched out what I plan to do, but this doesn't mean that half of this will happen because lets face it that's a lot of work. If I do this I will have written Three books in My Kayla Blackstone Series finishing it.
Three books in My Dragon Shadow Series.
and two books in my Dusty covers series
and two stand alones. That will be ten books. six shorts and have two plotted novels ready to go for the next month. That's a full load by any authors definition, but I have several books that were supposed to be out this year that i flubbed on because of my illness. I'm starting to feel better and if I can write a minimum of 2k a day I could achieve all that in a year. Most short stories are quick writes that can be done in a few afternoons. That's 730,000 words total at 2k a day times 365 that's not counting plotting, or editing

I always did like a challenge, and well I need practice editing.


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