Tuesday, October 1, 2013

ML 2013

Yeah I'm cool you know it. Lol not, well sometimes but this is my third year as ML. My second as first ML.  I served under the master one year, before, I took over and got a goodly servant of my own, NOT... lol well I do have a partner in crime,  but we are more equals then anything. Though I do kindly beg him to do all the stuff I suck at. Like forums those bloody things are crazy pieces of chaotic mess. How does any sane person navigate them or find anything so infuriating. My Writing in the void will officially start this month. I decided since it's the first and I'm on the blog. lol

If your interested in NanoWriMo, check it out at http://www.nanowrimo.org
it is national novel writing month. Yes, thirty days of crazy, fun filled noveling, teaching new writers and old that they can write a book if they just write a little every day.

I recommend it, because it gets you off your arse, or more to the point tells you to plant your arse in a chair pull out a pen, or keyboard and get to writing that novel you're always talking about.


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