Monday, March 1, 2021

365 Day's Writing in the Void: prompt 2 (CTS) part 3

 An indeterminable time later, Saz nudged Garlyn awake. The room they were in was unlike anything that he'd seen before. He had no words to describe the substance it was made from, just that it was clean and hard, yet soft, and slightly cool to the touch. 

    Emlyn was the only one that was lying down on some kind of bench-like table high off the ground, and a whorl of weird devices spun around her, lights so bright they hurt his eyes could be seen.

    When he saw her, he stood up and kicked the others awake before making his way to her side; a creature that seemed to be made from particles of light floated by her side. He felt safe to assume that it was whatever had captured them.

    Saz looked around. He also noted that there seemed to be some kind of unmoving humanoid shapes encased in pod-like capsules. They were recessed into the walls and floating in some kind of fluid.

    Emlyn was glowing; he discovered that the light wasn't coming from an outside source but from within her.

    He moved closer, standing beside the being, but careful not to directly interfere in whatever it was doing. He could tell that Emlyn was in pain, and she might be in danger given that the rest of them had been resting to the side, and the being seemed a little chaotic while it worked over her.

    The others weren't quite so tactful; he grabbed Adan's arm; the oaf almost made the second mistake of the day. He nodded to Loring to help him hold him back. 

    Dolyn dashed up, trying to reach Emlyn despite Saz's warning, and a force gripped him and pinned him down. 
    "Saz, what's going on?" Garlyn asked, swiveling between his brother and his sister before just standing still.

    "I'm pretty sure that there's something wrong with Emlyn; if you didn't notice, the rest of us are unharmed, and we can move freely, despite being spiked earlier, which means that for the most part, whatever this is, it doesn't intend us any harm, at least not for the moment. 
    I think that whatever is happening at the moment might have something to do with Emlyn's condition. I suggest that we calm down, or as you can see, we will be restrained like Dolyn, and that won't do any of us any good." Saz said as he jerked a little on Adan's arm, "Did you hear me, Adan?"

    "Yeah, I heard you," Adan growled and shook off their restraining hands. Before going off to stand a little further away, but from where he could still watch Emlyn and be a little apart from his friends. He felt betrayed that they wouldn't just help her, and while he acknowledged the fact that Saz was just being logical, he didn't like it very much.

    "If you are all done, I would very much appreciate it if you could be still. The girl on the operating table's life very much depends on it. Also," he glanced at Saz, "he's correct. I don't intend to harm any of you at the moment."

    They all froze and turned to the creature that had been floating near Emlyn, then they all burst into a flurry of activity even though he'd just bade them to be quiet before Saz once again broke in with the voice of reason,

    "He just said if we don't stop, Em will die, you idiots!" The room silenced again, and he grabbed Garlyns arm and dragged him off to the corner away from the rest. "Gar, what do you think about this mess we seem to have found ourselves in?"

    Garlyn looked at his friends and relatives in various states of distress and shook his head; you're the smart one, what do you think. I know you said you don't think it plans to hurt us, but what exactly does it want with Emlyn? It went after her first, and it's still going after her."

    "That... I'm not sure either. I know for sure it is definitely trying to save her life."

    "What makes you so sure?"

    "That," Saz nodded his head slightly towards the entity, and Garlyn couldn't see anything different about the situation.

    He sighed, "sometimes, Garlyn, I wish you would focus on the whole picture. Emlyn is devouring something from that creature, and she is growing brighter, and he is growing dimmer. However, it looks like the situation isn't stable, and the creature is fighting to stabilize it. I'm not sure if it is trying to detach or what, but there is some kind of conflict between the two of them. I think that it's safe to say if it isn't resolved safely, Emlyn will die as it says."

There was a sharp whistling sound through the room, and the creature stumbled back, clasping its chest breathing heavily; it swept its gaze across the room. "We will speak shortly," then it vanished. 

    The bed on which Emlyn lay glowed brighter, enveloping itself in a bright light; they covered their eyes; when it cleared, a cocoon of leaves and bracken appeared in her place.

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