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365 Day's Writing in the Void: prompt 3

My mother gave me this prompt because I have to write in an anthology based on Libraries, and I wanted a prompt to work off of because of this challenge.

Trip to the library. Why?

The section they are researching has a mishelved book when they return the book to the correct slot. Motivation.

It completes a connection that downloads the book into their systems. What?

Who are they?

Why are they at the library?

What happens after they put the book away?

Becomes the owner of the library.

If they are the owner of the library, what are the consequences?

Names for the library? Aeon Athenaeum or The Nimble Library or The Nimble Athenaeum

Country/ Kingdom names: Trilyria, Prisrudora, Gruivura, Zimor, Drovia

Town name: Linvale,

Continent, Widiaxor

Goddess Mutix

Character Name: Rilan Sex? Race Halfling mix?

How did he end up in the library? Was he being chased? I think that he was being chased. But I don't know why I think that he picks up the book as cover and then shelves it in relief when he thinks that he's gotten away. Or rather when the people that are chasing him have left, and he isn't thinking about it, and he's just putting it away. Maybe the book is on the floor, and he just happens to stumble over it.

I'm not sure what causes it to have happened; maybe he isn't being chased in the library, but from outside of it, and just happens to stumble into a passage that sends him stumbling into it. He just reacts, and he hides on instinct until he's sure that he can get out of it in one piece. And from there, it ends up being what it is.

    A  couple of Sewer troll two-pack, fighting over human, or goblin meat. 
    He was sent down on an adventure guild mission as a scout to find out what has become of a mission group of young adventures that were supposed to clear the sewers of some kobolds but haven't come back from the mission; he's supposed to scout and report back what he sees. 

    He stumbles upon the sewer trolls eating what looks like part of the party or at least what's left of them. When he finds them, he tries to get by them without alerting them, but something behind him alerts, and the trolls look up from what they are eating. Both he and the other creature are desperate to get away from the killer trolls. He dashes away until he notices a shimmer in a wall that he uses one of his charms to uncover or his weak detect magic to uncover anyway. He uses magic to get into this space that is only big enough for him; the other creature tries to join him. Still, he fights it off and gets away, sealing it outside and running down the passageway. Which is almost as small as he is, causing him to crouch over.

The title of the book says The Nimble Aeon Athenaeum Owners Manual.
The library will attach itself to him; the library might set off a beacon that lets a group searching for it find its location? But it would still be hidden? Or would they try and use him to get the secrets?
Not sure.
I know that the library has to be an essential point in the story. And he's a young kid, so it can help him grow into how he's meant to be.
Dimensional space, Necklace, or bracelet, ring. Tattoo on the chest or inner wrist. a shimmering bluish-white book floating inside an orb

he's basically a kid with no home and makes his living scouting for the adventures guild
Everything is going to depend on what his final goal is. Once you have that, the plot will be a lot easier.
runs into some sewer trolls eating the party he was supposed to find that has been missing, and while he was running away, he finds a secret passage and lands in a dusty old library

Maybe he finds something in the library that undermines the entire guild or is a threat to the world or something.
to the guild about the party

the library downloads into his body
and he gets himself a creepy old dude mentor
should I send you the notes?

Maybe the old man had housed the library previously, or his wife was in the library, or he has been trying to find the library to destroy it or something. (friends notes)

like a tracking device?

yeah, it's the biggest cheat; it is an Aeon mages library complete with a mage bound to it to guide the young chosen one...

and a pocket dimension to store your crap

oh, and did I mention it likes to move around

but there has to be a way to hide him from people

also, there has to be a plot

Does he want the library, or does he want to get rid of it?

well I think it will be both at first

depends on how much of a drag it is

Seems like it would make sense that the library chose him and let him in and that it has some sort of purpose for him.

Yeah,, that's what I thought too. I think it has something to do with linage.

which he doesn't know at the moment

which is why I'm giving him the necklace or bracelet or ring

Maybe he had an ancestor who disappeared, and they're the ones who founded or became the library.

I was thinking that and also that he was lost on purpose or whatever he was mixed with was dangerous for the rest of the half-lings, so they abandoned him, or maybe his caretaker was killed, but he doesn't know.

Maybe he lost on purpose in order to take possession of the library or to seal it away because it was too dangerous.

Or the library is what sustains the world, and without it, the world ceases to exist.

Because They are supposed to be a kind-hearted race, but he's a lost kid who doesn't know his past.

Yeah, it's ancient, and I know that the goddess gets involved at some point.

basically, I think things explode for him once they figure out who he is

So I'm not sure that they know that he's found the library, but I think that they will want to use him to find it once they find out who he is.
Maybe they try to use him to find the library, not realizing that he already has it.

Why do they want it?

Then his goal is to keep it hidden from them or destroy it.

their magic age has declined; the gods don't talk to them anymore
keep it hidden

probably repair and add to it

Why wouldn't he try to destroy it instead? Then no one can abuse it ever again.

maybe something is blocking the magic
because it's tied to the planets knowledge base

it's like the akashic records
but I think the world is in decline
maybe there is a bad race after it to try b and finished what they started, and the goddess is trying to revive it with is help
the library is a myth
now I just have to figure out how to make that somehow make scenes.
that's kind of an over plot though, sigh
I guess just throw conflict at them and missions, right?

Act 1 will be him finding and acquiring the library, then being caught by the bad people. The first part of act 2 will be them trying to use him to find the library, neither realizing that he already has it. The second part of act 2 will be him realizing that he has it and how powerful it is. Act 3 will be them realizing he has it and trying to take it from him. (Friends suggestion)

In the end, they take it from him, and he has to take it back, probably through noble sacrifice or something.
It shouldn't be a problem doing it in under 20,000 words. (friends suggestion)

I don't know if they could take it, though, not without killing him.

It is already kind of soul-bound.

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